What does one of Rock n’ Rolls most talented guitarists Randy Hansen and ultimate drag racing legend BIG DADDY Don Garlits have in common? They’re Total Impact Wear customers and love sheer power, speed & innovation.

Randy Hansen is one of the few guitarists officially recognized by the Jimi Hendrix Foundation and besides playing in his own group, Randy has shared chops with Sammy Hagar (Montrose / Van Halen), Jack Bruce (Cream), John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham, Steve Miller, Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix), Paul Rogers, (Free / Bad Company / Queen), Herbie Hancock, Robert Cray, & many other notable groups and musicians.

BIG DADDY Don Garlits has won 17 combined NHRA, IHRA and AHRA Top Fuel World Championships. In competitive drag racing that’s a feat on the scale of climbing Mt Everest in flip-flops. BIG DADDY Don Garlits is an inductee of the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame, Automotive Hall of Fame, International Motorsports Hall of Fame, and the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

Wonderful super talented guys and Total Impact Wear enjoys providing really cool stuff for them.


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