Always enjoy seeing long-time Total Impact Wear customer, friend, and ultimate drag racing legend BIG DADDY Don Garlits at the 2018 NHRA Championship Drag Racing Gator Nationals in Gainsville FL. We always have an awesome time at ‘The Gators’ and attending the prestigious International Drag Racing Hall of Fame (HOF) awards banquet prior to the race and hosted by the legend himself, BIG DADDY Don Garlits.  2021 will be our 3rd straight year as a sponsor for the HOF event, which celebrates and honors the best-of-the-best in professional drag racing. We also drop by Don’s incredible Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing located in nearby Ocala, FL. So much cool stuff to see. BIG DADDY has accumulated a massive collection of classic cars and dragsters! One of the finest automotive museums in the world and his museum gift store is loaded with awesome merchandise including a large selection of Total Impact Wear apparel.

Check it out & ‘Thanks’ BIG DADDY!


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